Git Support  –  Vim Plug-In


Integration of Git for Vim/gVim:

  • use Git from within Vim and eliminate the need for context switches
  • quickly add the file in the current buffer or show its diff
  • the output of commands like "git status" is redirected into buffers
  • ... the commit can be manipulated from right there
  • show the stash, logs, branches, tags, remotes, ...
  • show the Git help in a buffer, or open it in the browser
  • each buffer comes with a short help: press <SHIFT+F1>
  • run arbitrary Git commands and optionally redirect their output into a buffer
  • start gitk with arguments: :GitK --all
  • comes with a menu, which also severs as an overview of the plug-in's functionality
  • custom menu for often used combination of arguments
  • configurable syntax highlighting designed to match Git's own highlighting
  • automatic folds for diffs and logs

Page updated: July 18 2020   /   Mail to: Wolfgang Mehner