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What's new?

Run scripts in terminal windows

Jan 2018

The preview versions of Bash-Support and Lua-Support can now run code asynchronously inside the editor, using a terminal window. This relies on Vim's new +terminal feature, or Neovim's terminal integration. [more]

Customizable file skeletons

Jul 2017

The mechanism which inserts file headers into new files was been extended for various plug-ins. The default behavior remains the same, but you can now automatically insert more than one templates. [more]

Lua and Perl Incorporated in SpaceVim

Jan 2017

Lua-Support and Perl-Support have been added to SpaceVim/SpaceVim. Go and have a look! [more]


Quickly write your code:

  • insert code snippets: statements, functions,
    common library calls and variables, regular expressions, ...
  • ... which come in an extendible template library

Quickly comment your code:

  • insert skeletons for comments
  • automatically generate comments for functions
  • ... which is also done using customizable templates

Quickly test your code:

  • run or compile the code from within Vim
  • run syntax checking and other code checkers
  • make integration

Quickly get help:

  • access to documentation with one keystroke:
    • man
    • Bash built-ins
    • perldoc
    • TeXdoc
    • Lua reference manual
    • online resources
    • ...
  • look up words in online dictionary with one keystroke


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